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Benefits of Calcium Supplements

Benefits of calcium supplements obviously start with bone support and fracture risk prevention.Benefits-of-Calcium-Supplements | Review Article Calcium is present in every cell of your body. As such, some calcium science suggests that the benefits of calcium supplements may also include healthy blood pressure, colon health, and weight control.  Additional research by Fujita and others has shown some linkage between AAACa calcium intake and balance and anti-aging.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Calcium Fact Sheet addresses the scientific adequacy of possible health benefits of calcium supplements:

Bone health
“Adequate intakes of calcium and vitamin D as well as regular exercise (both weight-bearing such as walking, running, and activities where one's feet leave and hit the ground and work against gravity, as well as resistance exercises are critical to the development and maintenance of healthy bones throughout the life cycle.
Blood pressure
Several clinical trials have demonstrated a relationship between increased calcium intakes and [healthy] blood pressure…although the[se results] are inconsistent.  Other observational and experimental studies suggest that individuals who eat a vegetarian diet high in minerals (such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium) and fiber and low in fat tend to [have some blood pressure benefits].

[Colon Health]
Observational and experimental studies on the potential role of calcium [for colon health have] mixed results. Several studies have found that higher intakes of calcium from foods (low-fat dairy sources) and/or supplements are associated with [colon benefits].  But other observational studies have found the associations to be inconclusive.

Weight management
several studies have linked higher calcium intakes to lower body weight or less weight gain over time. Despite these findings, the results from clinical trials have been largely negative. For example, a meta-analysis of 13 randomized controlled trials concluded that [the benefits of calcium supplements or increased dairy product consumption had no] statistically significant effect on weight.”

Takuo Fujita MD, past president of Japan’s Osteoporosis Foundation, has shown certain health benefits of calcium supplements comprised of AAACa calcium (known as AdvaCAL in the U.S.).  One study suggested improved postural stability with AdvaCAL but not calcium carbonate.  Another indicated that AdvaCAL was more effective than calcium carbonate in reducing certain aging effects.  Fujita noted:

"Aging-associated changes include decrease of function especially systematic controlling ability of many cells, tissue and organ systems…. Many of these changes were shown to be related to calcium and /or vitamin D deficiency and parathyroid over activity and actually improve in response to AAACa supplementation. Increase of calcium within any cell leads to decrease of function and eventually death.

In this study, red cells were chosen as a representative all cells. Red cell calcium content increased with age. AAACa, but not Ca carbonate, restored this to the level of younger subjects. This is all about the present study, which is only a beginning to the establishment of the role of calcium deficiency in aging."

Benefits-of-Calcium-Supplements | Review ArticleThere is general medical acceptance of the bone benefits from calcium intake. Other calcium research lacks of consistency in results or simply needs more confirming studies.  While certain calcium related benefits may not be conclusive, that type of outcome is not unusual with nutrient research. Examples of nutrients with conflicting results are vitamins C and E. In sum, there is little to lose and much to gain by taking and potentially reaping from the benefits of calcium supplements.