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Floradix Calcium Magnesium Review

Floradix calcium magnesium may be best suited for children or those who can not tolerate pills.  Floradix is liquid supplement containing calcium citrate and magnesium. Generally speaking, calcium citrate in suspension is no better absorbed than traditional calcium citrate or calcium carbonate pills. Floradix-Calcium-Magnesium-Review | Review ArticleAnd Floradix calcium magnesium may be a costly, sugary option for one looking to get 1000 mg of calcium daily from a supplement.

The Floradix calcium magnesium label promotes its taste and ease of use. Key points on the label include:

“Delicious Mineral Formula with herbal extracts and fruit concentrates
with Zinc, Vitamin D and Herbs
•    A good source of calcium and magnesium
•    Easy to assimilate
•    Vegetarian liquid formula
•    No preservatives
•    Alcohol free
•    Imported from Bavaria

Floradix® Calcium-Magnesium liquid is ideal for anyone who needs to supplement more calcium into their daily diet.

Floradix® Calcium-Magnesium liquid is the perfect choice for those who do not wish to take tablets or capsules or who simply find liquid vitamins more effective

Floradix® Calcium-Magnesium Liquid Mineral Supplement with added Vitamin D and Zinc citrate is scientifically formulated for maximum absorption.  Prepared in a base of herbal extracts with natural tropical fruit concentrates to ensure the correct stomach acidity.”

Getting the Recommended Amount of Calcium and its Cost
Two tablespoons of Floradix provide 155 mg of calcium and 186 mg of magnesium. To get the FDA recommended % daily value of 1000 mg of calcium, one would have to take 13 tablespoons of Floradix calcium magnesium.  Cost would run about $13.00.per day.  Moreover, 13 Floradix tablespoons contains nearly 100 grams of sugar. That’s more than two 12 oz cans of Coca Cola®.

The calcium citrate in Floradix is bioavailable. However, research shows that calcium citrate is no better absorbed than calcium carbonate when taken with food.  For years, calcium citrate and calcium carbonate manufacturers have disagreed about absorption rates of their products.  Creighton University scientists published results showing the two forms to be equally well absorbed. University of Texas experts found calcium citrate to be more absorbable. Ultimately, a hearing before the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Better Business Bureau resolved the dispute. The NAD generally agreed that the Creighton University research more convincing. Calcium citrate is absorbed no differently than calcium carbonate in the presence of food.

There is little evidence that calcium citrate in a liquid suspension is better absorbed than in a pill form. Calcium is not directly bioavailable like other nutrients. Stomach acid must break calcium apart from its accompanying salt (in this case, citric acid) before the intestine can absorb it.  As such, there should be little to no difference in absorption of calcium citrate either in a beverage or a pill.

Calcium bioavailability does not always translate into bone density increases. Like the calcium citrate in Floradix-Calcium-Magnesium-Review | Review ArticleFloradix calcium magnesium, the AAACa calcium in AdvaCAL is easily absorbed. Unlike calcium citrate, AdvaCAL has demonstrated impressive numerical increases in bone density in multiple clinical studies. AdvaCAL is available in  small, easy-to-swallow capsules three capsules twice daily provides 1000 mg of calcium and 1000 IU of vitamin D3. An effective calcium supplement such as AdvaCAL may be more practical choice for those looking to build bone density…and certainly less expensive and sugary than Floradix calcium magnesium.