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National Osteoporosis Foundation

AdvaCAL® calcium supplements is proud to announce that it has been named as an official partner national-osteoporosis-foundation | Articleof the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF), the nations’ leading voluntary health organization dedicated to osteoporosis and bone health. This designation is reserved for companies that provide financial support to NOF, with products judged to be consistent with the NOF mission. Beginning May 1, 2010 a portion of AdvaCAL sales will be donated to NOF for osteoporosis prevention and education.

“We are excited to partner with the National Osteoporosis Foundation in a battle that can actually be won, against premature bone loss.” said Andrew Lane, president of LaneLabs, the nutritional company behind AdvaCAL. “With the incidence of osteoporosis growing, we believe it is especially important to support the leading advocate, NOF, in this effort.” According to NOF, osteoporosis is a preventable disease for many people. Yet 55% of adults 50+ today have or are at great risk of getting osteoporosis. And osteoporotic fractures are rising, potentially exceeding three million annually by 2025.

“NOF is thrilled to work with AdvaCAL as a proceeds partner,” said Amy Porter, National Osteoporosis Foundation Executive Director and CEO. “Several risk factors have been identified for osteoporosis, including individuals not getting enough calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is the building block of bone and vitamin D is important because it helps your body use calcium. Many of the choices you make each day can affect your bones. By making healthier choices you can help to reduce your risk of osteoporosis as well as the painful fractures it can cause,” she continued.

AdvaCAL is a natural ionic calcium. Oyster shells are smelted at high temperatures, creating a bioavailable calcium ash while removing lead and other impurities. The calcium ash is blended with HAI™, an amino acid complex from seaweed. HAI has been scientifically demonstrated to boost calcium absorption. Both the calcium and HAI in AdvaCAL are unique.

AdvaCAL is marketed as the #1 bone building calcium, backed by 20 years of research. AdvaCAL studies have reported significant improvement in bone mineral density among postmenopausal women and men. A report in a leading medical journal found that an AdvaCAL study had an impressive bone density increase among 32 calcium clinical studies between 1977 and 2008.

LaneLabs is compliant in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

national-osteoporosis-foundation | ArticleEstablished in 1984, the National Osteoporosis Foundation is the leading consumer and community-focused health organization dedicated to the prevention of osteoporosis and broken bones, the promotion of strong bones for life and the reduction of human suffering through programs of public and clinician awareness, education, advocacy and research. Visit www.nof.org or call 1 (800) 231-4222 for more information from the National Osteoporosis Foundation.