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Success Stories

Thank you, AdvaCAL®

"I've always followed a healthy lifestyle. I’ve taken calcium supplements since my twenties. I ate right and exercised.

Yet at age 50, my physician put me on prescription Fosamax and upped my calcium supplement intake. My bone density did not improve after a year. Disappointed, I called my sister-in-law; She had done a lot of research on calcium absorption and pointed me to a natural foods store and AdvaCAL Ultra from LaneLabs. I bought a bottle. I didn’t realize how important this switch in calcium would be.

Three and one half years later my spine bone density shot up nearly 30%; my hip density increased 10%. My doctor was surprised. He had never seen that type of change before. I was ecstatic.*

I have 7 grandchildren and no longer worry about my bones. Today, I had to rescue my 18 month-old grandson from the top of the playland at a fast food restaurant. I didn’t even hesitate to climb up to carry him down; he needed me. Thank you, AdvaCAL for helping to give me strong bones  – and peace of mind."

Cheryl Linsday, Age 54.

Connie P. Age 70

"When the results of my bone density test came in, and there was an improvement, I had to tell everybody"
Bone Scans +6% in hip and +14% in spine after 2 years*

Shannon M. Age 28

"I have increased bone density by 20%."*

A 6.1% bone increase...and then a 12% increase*

"I have been seeing an endocrinologist for several years. Last year they did a bone scan and repeated it this year with the same machine, the same technician and the position so exact X-ray could be superimposed on the other. To their surprise, and mine, I had a 6.1% bone increase. The doctor immediately wanted to know what supplements I had been taking. Of course AdvaCAL was at the top of the list. By the way, my bone increase in the second year was a little over 12%.  I recommend AdvaCAL to strangers and friends."*
Jeanne McKinney, RN

"My bone density went up taking AdvaCAL. It's a great product."*
Carolyn  G.

Doing "wonders" for my husband

"The doctor says this product is doing wonders for my husband. The endocrinologist is so pleased that 'I found AdvaCAL."
Dorothy B.  

My doctor was so excited, she called me at night

I tried calcium supplements but they made me constipated.  My doctor gave me a list of high calcium foods but I knew I needed more. I did some research and found AdvaCAL.  When I tried it and had no side effects, I went back and bought all the bottles on the shelf.

After taking 6 AdvaCAL supplements a day for several years, I got a call one evening from my gynecologist after having a dexa scan. It gave me a fright. Why would a doctor call me at night?  But she was so excited to see my results -- there was real improvement in my bone density!  At 41 I had a good DEXA scan. My bone loss had been reversed over time and I grew an inch. I am now 46 and every DEXA scan since has been good. I take AdvaCAL every day!"*
Grace Ross 

Gina E. Age 39

"I took Bone-Up and still had bone loss" With AdvaCAL and a walking program "I went from 3% lower than the average woman my age to being 20% higher."*

Carol B. Age 41

In one year I had a "11.9% increase in bone density" with Fosamax and AdvaCAL.*

"After my bone scan, I was advised by my doctor to take a calcium supplement. I had been taking another calcium product but decided to switch to AdvaCAL. I consider myself lucky to be feeling so well. I have no problems with side effects taking your products."
Valerie H.

The AdvaCAL couple

Great product. When my husband  and I moved to Virginia, I  had a bone scan.    It showed I had age-related bone loss.  My sister, who is a great advocate for anything natural,  had been taking AdvaCAL and was very pleased with the results. I decided to try AdvaCAL, too.   One year later I went back for another bone density test.   Given my age, they were expecting I'd had lost more bone. In fact, my numbers had gone up.*

My husband had been on another product for nine years. The doctor finally took him off it.  .I told the doctor I wanted to give Al Advacal.  Since it is working so well on me, the doctor said yes,   Al should try it, too. My husband started taking AdvaCAL and in six months his bone density improved   What great news that was!*

We each take 3 AdvaCAL in the morning and another 3 at nigt. There are no side effects.I am so glad AdvaCAL is in capsule form as Al has a problem swallowing some pills. He has never had a problem swallowing the AdvaCAL capsules."
Sandy Eisenpress

Bone scan 5 of 8 bone measures higher in 1 year*

"The results of my DEXA for 2008 represent one full year on your product AdvaCAL. While the numbers are not dramatic, they do show progress towards building bone. I only take your product. It works! Many Thanks!"*
Denise S.

Medical report: "A remarkable increase in bone density"*

"I am writing to thank you for your product!   I have done great on your AdvaCAL. I have no problems taking your product. .My doctor put on my report ' Bone Density Excellent Markedly Improved Stay on same vitamins'."*
Jean Y.

Jane W. Age 80

"The doctors are really impressed with my results.    I'll stay on AdvaCAL the rest of my life. "

Laurie T. Age 50

"Within 10 days of first taking AdvaCAL,  I could actually feel the difference."

AdvaCAL to the rescue

"In 2008, I hurt my back and pelvis. Last year I started taking AdvaCAL and I feel my bones are getting better and stronger.  Thank you, AdvaCAL.
Bonnie Lou S.

Don't need another bone density test

“I went for a bone density test last year and the results were so good, the doctor told me I don't need another bone density test this year. I love the wonderful clinical reports and extra information on your products. I believe in your mission.  AdvaCAL is absorbed easily and builds bone density. It doesn't matter when you start taking AdvaCAL, you're going to get on the right track.”*
Jane R.

One happy guy

“I am a very happy AdvaCAL user.  I am 62 and my bone density is very good thanks to AdvaCAL.”
Craig  G.

Bone test results -- no concerns.

"I have been using AdvaCAL and it helps. I had a bone density test that revealed no [concerns]."
Helen D.

Harriett M. Age 61

"I have the bones of a 30 year old"
Bone Scan + 11% in Spine in 4 years.*

The technician said: What are you doing?

"I am so thankful my chiropractor recommended AdvaCal. The technician said to me, what are you doing?  I'm so thrilled with your product. I have been taking other products that didn't work. You don't mind paying money for something that works. God bless you. You saved my life. AdvaCal really works!"
Illse P. 

Such a wonderful thing

"To find a product such as AdvaCAL that can build your bone mass up is such a benefit, such a wonderful thing. My bone density increased 8% in the hip."*
Toni P.

Bone scan improved in a year*

"Last year I had a bone density that came back [with bone loss]. . I took AdvaCAL INTENSIVE for a year and had a bone density that came back [much improved].  I think it's because of AdvaCAL. I am very happy about the results."*
Donna G.

The doctor sent me a congratulatory note.

"I am so pleased that I had to tell you about my experience with this wonderful product. I have been taking AdvaCAL for more years than I can remember  - at least 10 or 12  I do beieve. And all this time, I've been getting older and growing shorter in height, etc.

This past month I had my 2-year bone density testing, and found that this had improved!  Imagine!  And I'm now 83 years old with lots of the wonderful age related problems, but bone loss isn't one of them. Two years ago I had been diagnosed with bone loss, and now there's enough of an improvement that I got a congratulatory note from my doctor. You can't have a much better recommendation than that!

I don't mind sharing these facts because I feel that it's important for women to know that there are natural ways to protect themselves.   I thank Lane Labs for producing such an effective, and natural, health aid."

A happy customer,
Eleanor Flanders

I saw results immediately

"I feel great! I'm energetic and I sleep well and more soundly. I saw results with AdvaCAL immediately. There are absolutely no problems with side effects at all. It's a great product. So far, so good."*
Barbara R.

Orthopedist is exceedingly happy

“My Orthopedist checked my bone density and is exceedingly happy with the results and improvement since taking AdvaCAL”*
Irmgard R.

“AdvaCAL Ultra works exactly like LaneLabs says it does!  I couldn't be without it!.  I just love it."
Joyce S.

Better in 4 days

"I was taking another calcium and wasn't having good results.  After 4 days on AdvaCAL INTENSIVE I felt much better. After taking AdvaCAL, my discomfort went away."*
Terry T.

AdvaCAL works –
I have the bone scans to prove it!

I am 73 years old  and for years I had used many brands of calcium. Not all calcium does the job and it was hit and miss. I know this because I feel the difference. 

In my fifties I had my first bone scan. The report came back that my bone loss was borderline and my doctor told me to take 1500 mg of calcium a day. My husband, Tom, had success with another LaneLabs product so when I saw that AdvaCAL was advertised as the #1 calcium, I ordered 1 bottle to try. 

I began taking 3 AdvaCAL capsules at night because studies have shown that night time is when bone loss frequently occurs. (I was confused with the label direction and so was taking only 500 mg of AdvaCAL calcium each day, not the 1500 mg my doctor recommended.)  Despite that, my next three bone scans showed no bone loss. In fact, my bone density has actually improved and is no longer borderline.My doctor told me to keep doing what I was doing!*

If I run out of AdvaCAL and buy other calcium supplements to tide me over, I can 'feel" that they simply do not work as well.  AdvaCAL is the best calcium on the market. That is not my opinion. I have the bone scanes to prove it."
Dorothy Pledger

No calcium is as well thought out

“I am a licensed clinical psychologist. I have been taking AdvaCAL for approximately six months, having been diagnosed with bone loss.  The advertisement for AdvaCAL arrived at my house simultaneously with the diagnosis of bone loss; it could have not arrived at a better time.  I am impressed with the science behind AdvaCAL, especially since I have been on hormone replacement therapy for nearly fifteen years, mainly to protect my bones.

I sleep well and my finger nails have definitely benefited from AdvaCAL.  My nails were thin and brittle. They are nearly grown out, growing twice as fast as they had .  I have no difficulty swallowing AdvaCAL and it is well tolerated by my digestive system.  I know of no calcium supplement  that is as well thought out as AdvaCAL.  I am confident that I am taking the best bone supplement available at any price and I consider the cost of AdvaCAL to be quite reasonable.”*
Judith Weiss, Ph.D

Spinal Bone Density ChangeSpinal Bone Density Change

In one clinical study, postmenopausal women and men taking AdvaCAL increased their bone density on average by 8% more than those taking a placebo after 3 years.*

In another study, elderly women taking AdvaCAL increased their bone density on average by 6.6% more than those taking a placebo after 2 years.*Your results will vary.

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